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if you want...

to learn kicking technique deeply

detailed explanations on the technique, strategy, tactics

personalized feedback

to make the most out of your training time

to kick with power, speed, and precision

a safe community to learn the sparring arts

sick back kick.jpg

welcome to mo kwon do

sam peng kicking pads.jpg

we welcome anyone willing to do their best, ask questions, and treat others as they would like to be treated

here is what we do not do...

we do not teach forms (movement patterns) of any sort to teens / adults

we do not teach techniques that do not work in sparring / competition

we do not wear traditional uniforms (they got hot in sparring gear)

we do not destroy our teammates while sparring

jammed cut kick.jpg

here is what you can expect

kicking pads.jpg

lots of repetition and mo to come over and make adjustments to your technique

sore hip adductors, glutes, hip flexors, lower abdominals

a growing appreciation for your legs and what your body can do

a calm composure you can take with you anywhere

humble hard working teammates

a new obsession with tae kwon do sparring

a community who is also obsessed with tae kwon do sparring, technique, martial arts

here's what a typical class looks like

warm up specific to the day's training

a primer on the footwork necessary for the day's technique

detailed instruction on the technique

drilling the technique, receiving specific personal feedback to work on

techniques combos and applying them to sparring (level appropriate)

tactical usage explanations, distance & timing pointers, counter attacks to said techniques, strategy around making the technique work

like that focus, watch the backhand.jpg

come check us out, you have nothing to lose.

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