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Hi there,

Maybe you are a parent who wants their child to get some exercise. Maybe you are a parent that is looking for another way to engage their kid with something other than video games and schoolwork. There's a lot of reasons to consider Tae Kwon Do. But at Mo Kwon Do, we focus on a very specific reason - the joy of learning something real.

The world doesn't need another Tae Kwon Do school. Mo Kwon Do, was founded on the basis of providing the world an exciting, sparring competition based school.

Here at Mo Kwon Do, we don't do all the "regular stuff" that other Tae Kwon Do schools do. Our students don't learn standard forms, we made our own - all with sparring applicability in mind. Here, we focus on a very specific art of Tae Kwon Do - sparring. We all learn the techniques, timing, mindset, strategies. We unpack everything. We then take our lessons to the mat and spar. Theories become realities. We learn how to win, how to lose, and we learn how to get back up. Sparring prepares you to live fully and courageously, on and off the mat. Did we mention? It's a LOT of fun especially if you or your kid wants to feel like a badass. 

Mo Kwon Do was founded by Moseh Cho - 2015 Cornell University graduate, two time National Tae Kwon Do sparring champion, and lover of competition fight sports. Mo decided to create Mo Kwon Do, leaving his cushy career in finance, to create something deeply personal to him. He wanted to share his love of Tae Kwon Do sparring- thinking on your feet, testing out tactics and theories, improving oneself, the camaraderie, the rush of sparring, and the joy of being your best.

Our curriculum is designed from the ground up based on years of coaching and competition. We discuss principles; we believe the mind must understand first via reasoning, then the body will learn quickly. We believe understanding is more important than banal repetition. We still have our own forms, but you will know why we do what we do, and how it is effective in sparring. Everything we do has a purpose and everything we teach is tested in the realities of sparring.

Our classes are strict, we work hard -  the thought and care that goes into each lesson, aims to maximize rapid understanding, to make time for you to learn at your pace. We adjust our curriculum material to be age appropriate and skill appropriate, so whether you're a complete beginner, or sending in your child aged 6+, they will be comfortably challenged. We still do belt tests, though we have feedback systems, metrics, games, you won't get anywhere else - playoffs! 

So if you want the same values of Tae Kwon Do (respect, discipline) yet modernized and gamified, to be fun and serve you and your child..

Come check us out, you or your little one will have a great time.

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makes for fair play

we bow when we start training, and before we spar with a classmate. an homage to our tae kwon do roots, and to pay respect to those we are about to spar with.

we have rules for what kicks will be used, and how to handle our power when we spar. 

we also willingly change the rules of sparring and change the points to make allow learning of new concepts. this makes for a really fun practice.

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mo kwon do is a community

let's grow together

we believe trust is built through saying the hard things with compassion. we believe in taking that chance in a fight we may not win; that it is easier to push ourselves in a fun, safe and nurturing space.

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sparring is a lot of fun

love what you do

i started my tae kwon do journey in 2011 freshmen year at cornell. i was in love with sparring and everything about the team. hit without getting hit, and all the strategies, tactics, that stem from this simple concept.

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growth minded community

experimentation and a willingness to make mistakes

i felt safe to challenge those who were better than me, asking for feedback, developing my own ideas and techniques through experiences, leading to two national championship titles.

what builds an individual builds a group

effort x time = results

as sparring practice leader, i learned how to teach effectively, create a culture of trust, experimentation, and hard focused workouts- we won our first national collegiate championship. 

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one of my biggest lessons at cornell

you can work hard, win trophies, and have a great time

it's the community, culture, and methodology of instruction that brings it all together in a sweet harmony.

i majored in economics and minored in asian and asian american studies. then spent 3 years as a financial analyst in nyc.

i decided to do something i loved

teach private strength, and public victory

we are teaching the importance of focusing on your effort, which you control; to develop yourself, and trusting that when done thoughtfully, the results come naturally

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summer online program

starting june 23rd, our summer session starts

small class sizes, taught by mo, limited spots remaining

burn that energy, learn rapidly, have fun

summer online program

Thanks! Mo will get back to you.

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