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if you want your child to...

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be excited about coming to practice

burn a lot of energy

learn how to defend themselves 

build their focusing power

explore new things with confidence

welcome to mo kwon do

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we focus on behavior shaping

fun first, then shaping energy into focused effort

because we know, if the kid doesn't have fun, they won't want to come, meaning they won't learn.

we are more than child care

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we are a physical awareness and wellness center

we talk about emotions and how to focus

we are a self defense, situational awareness, and confidence building organization

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who you are

a parent who is personally involved with their child's development

a communicator 

a celebrator of achievement and cheerleader for effort

who your children are

high energy

a little shy

fun loving


not very competitive

plays by the rules 

rule breakers

basically, a kid

over 6 years old & under 13

(for teens see adults)


what we do not do...

raise our voices at your kids

punish behavior

teach children to hit others or use violence in conflicts 

tell kids to avoid standing up for themselves

what we do instead...

get down to their eye level and speak to them softly

~pause~ for emphasis

ignore disruptive behavior, proudly reinforce desired behavior 

strong eye contact, firm words to tell others "hands off" 

if they attack you, defend and counter.


what to expect from a practice

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come see if your child likes training with us

a fun warm up

fundamental boxing steps and defense

fundamental tae kwon do sparring technique

sparring for green belts

fun games to play when earned

challenges to build body coordination

a little competition (not individual, but more group based)

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