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Techno and Tae Kwon Do

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

We listen to techno while we train. If you drop by one of our practices you will likely hear one of these songs playing in the background.

It all started back at Cornell, at C.W. Tae Kwon Do, where we would train with "Sab" short for Sabumnim - which means master in Korean. He was casual like that. He commanded respect. He could be silly and serious. His opinion meant the world to me. After a hard 4 hours of footwork drills, bag work, pad work, we would start sparring. If you dropped in at one of our trainings, you would likely hear this playlist:

There's nothing quite like jumping around to techno or kicking to "The Rhythm of the Night" playing in the background. It makes a serious combat sport exciting. Being conscious that something else beyond the excitement/fear of kicking someone and getting kicked exists brings levity.

At the end of the day, it is a sport, and though it is combat, it is meant to be fun.

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