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world class martial arts at cornell

i learned martial arts from the very best coaches and all star competitors from day one.

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train with the best to become the best

two-time national sparring champion

we had some of the nation's best competitors. i would spar with them, get beaten, ask for feedback, iterated and improve. this led to an understanding of various styles and my own style leading to two national championship titles.

proven coaching methodology

cornell won our first collegiate national team title

i coach only what works and our team won its first national stage victory. the real victory was winning it with my best friends.

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sparring is not a solo sport

the importance of community

without your coach to teach you, your teammates to support you, who could expect to achieve their potential.

passionate student and teacher

my aim is to build a learning environment

clear communication of principles and technique. application of technique in sparring. tonality, method of praise, culture are all keys to a good education.

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never ending pursuit of improvement

growth mindset culture &

logical teaching methodology

focus your training and effort. the results will come. by focusing on what's within our control we improve our outcomes.

let's do this together

we build greatness 

this school endeavors to continuously improve our students, in more than just sparring: athletics, composure, and character.


my most proud moments come from my students' courage and willingness to act in the face of uncertainty.

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