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sweat the technique.

chris in flight.jpg

passion burning bright

be the best you can be

high attention to detail

thorough lesson plans

build confidence

learn by doing

great exercise

it's more than kicking and punching:

  • cardio - agility, footwork 

  • strength - explosiveness

  • mobility - flexibility, stability

a decade of experience

unique belt certification

precision, competence, integrity

comprehensive and proven program

focused program

competition technique from day one

strategy and tactics

learn the game

great lighting belt tying mkd.jpg
kids focused.jpg

modernized program 

our take on teaching

teaching approach

positive nurturing culture

high standards

we take pride in our students ability

age graded curriculum

forms & games for children,

combos and sparring for the adults

youth 6+

color belt program

maxwell happily moving.jpg

beginner I + II

listening skills, self-confidence, fitness


intermediate I + II

olympic competition sparring, composure, discipline

two programs, designed for your goals


cool mo in flight.jpg

the fit

develop your athletic base

jump back kicks.jpg

the fight

safe, ego free learning environment with champions to guide you.

start your journey today

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