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[ parents ]

When my daughter started training with Mo at Mo Kwon Do, she was worried that she might not do well because she is not traditionally athletic and didn’t have experience with any kind of Martial Art.

Both Mo and Su (junior coach) are incredibly patient with her and encouraged her so much, and now she has built up her confidence and is enjoying it!

Mo is very enthusiastic coach. Not only does he focus on discipline and techniques, he made it very innovative, fun, and appealing to young learners. He also is very open minded and easy to approach; as a parent, I never hesitate to make any suggestions or ask questions. I am very pleased that my daughter is in such good hands!

-Hyunjoo, mother of 12 y.o.

[ children ]


"Mo has taught me to work hard and encouraged me to try my hardest."

-Charlotte, 10

[ orgs ]

Moseh does a great job instilling discipline, respect, kindness and perseverance in our students. He goes out of his way to ensure all students get the most out of his sessions, going above and beyond whenever necessary. As an After-school Director, you can't ask for more from a program leader and instructor.

-Alain, Program Director, The Ecole French American Bilingual School

[ adults ]

I love MKD. This place is the perfect balance of skill development, fun and fitness. Instructor Mo is all about making things practical and real. So you’re not just learning some cool kicks, but also how to make them actually work in real life. I genuinely feel like I’m becoming more capable of defending myself with each class - something I’ve never felt before.

-Susan, 37

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